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New TV Shows

Now that the writer's strike is almost over, I'd like to present my ideas for new shows to replace the ones we no longer care about because of the gap. Some of them are serious, some are jokes, most could go either way. :-)

The first is the all time perennial favorite Star Trek. With the demise of all of the TV shows, even the worst of the lot, Enterprise, which IMHO had its moments. Bring back the writing and production crew that did the last few episodes, they were along with "Carbon Creek" the best of the series. Buy the team that produces the "New Voyages" and produce a decent Star Trek series. Concentrate on plot, toss in some decent actors and what are now personal computer grade special effects and you would have IMHO a winner. They don't have to dilute the long gone characters, of Kirk and Spock, etc, they can use other ships and slightly later crews. There was 70 years between Kirk and Picard, so there is plenty of room to stick something in.

Jericho. I did not like the middle of the first season. It was canceled for good reason, but they were able to recover, change their direction and close out the season with a decent finish. Everyone with a computer or most people that don't but know someone who does has seen the leaked first three episodes of the second season and it shows promise. Meanwhile, there was a lot going on between the explosions and the attack, and it could be filled in with out takes of the main characters and people we have not yet met. Concentrate on the story. Jericho is not "On the Beach" or "Doctor Strangelove" part II, it's about people.

24. I don't know about you, but I think that 24 died a permanent death in the middle of the last season. His father should have shot him and let the series die a merciful death, However Jack Bauer was not the only CTU agent in the country, and there are plenty of 24 shows that could be done with other agents in other cities. Maybe a set of 4-6 hour miniseries, each of which could encompass a full day.

Babylon 4.5. I would love to see stories about Babylon 5 which did not go off on the strange alien religious bent. I don't really care about the Minbari and the fact the whole time loop culture, we could spend years watching stories about the station and the people on it without them. We don't even need the crew. It could be set before or after the shows we've seen and if the crew we knew were needed, they could be pieced together from out takes. It does not even have to be on Babylon 5 itself, it could be Babylon 1 or even something completely different. In fact, Near Space 1, a combination of the B5 and Star Trek Universes would be a good combination. Place it in time after Enterprise, but before the Original Star Trek, and in space a few hours from Earth by warp (hyper)drive.

Family Guy. Same show, same characters, but make it more "family friendly". Shows that my kids can enjoy without my wife cringing.

House. The shows with him being persecuted by a cop in the third season darn near sunk the series IMHO. They seem to have recovered and this season is much better. Right now they have toyed with him having a girl friend by presenting candidates that don't quite make it. My vote is for the "Virgin Mary". Forget the tension between Cuddy and House, it was fun at first, but it got old. By now, we don't want them to hook up. I would love to see the new improved Amber come back.

CSI. Now that we know that Sara is coming back and Grissom is leaving, it's time for a new guard to take over. Maybe the best thing to do would be promote Grissom to his boss's job. Then he can marry Sara, she can come back as a CSI, and he only needs to show up for a few minutes the entire year. If the fans don't take to it, the undersheriff can always restructure the lab and bring him back working on cases (and showing up each week). While you are at it hook up Wendy and Hodges.

CSI Miami. This is one that is going to get me in trouble. :-) I believe that Delko is really a Jew. His mother is a Converso, one of the descendants of the Jews that went into hiding after the Spanish inquisition, and his father a Russian Jew named Delkowitz. In the series, he claims to be a Catholic, but his parents would not even show up at his sister's wedding to Horatio, who is a good never married Catholic. They did not have the wedding in a Church, and her funeral was off camera. If you look at the graveyard where she is buried, there is not a single cross, statue of the Virgin Mary, or any inscription relating to Christianity on hers or the other graves. From what I can see it's an atheist or a Jewish cemetery. So let's see some shows where Horatio finally finds love, and Delko marries a nice Jewish girl.

CSI New York. Doing fine on its own with the fourth season revamped "look". Get Mac to loosen up, maybe bring back Peyton.

BattleStar Galactica. Why bother? It was a great show, but it always dies in the middle of the season. It would be good to cut the season to half the shows and get rid of the filler.

Torchwood. Not related, it's a BBC series, but come on, everyone liked it better when we thought Captain Jack was bi, and did not have to see it. The season opener would have been much better without the kissing.

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