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The U.S. television show Jericho is coming to Israel. Jericho is about the life in a small Kansas town, called Jericho, after a nuclear attack by terrorists.

Jericho suffered from the "new" scheduling that has since failed tried by CBS and other U.S. networks. Since most people in the U.S. are busy doing other things instead of watching television from Thanksgiving to New Year's,
they stopped showing new programs. Some programs were repeated, some just disappeared.

Unfortunately, so did the viewers. When Jericho came back in the spring, the viewership, which was small before, was even smaller. If that was not good enough, there was a change in the direction of the show, and a major character became a different person. I was not happy with it happening, and so were some of the other viewers.

CBS also make a scheduling error. The worst TV time slot is against American Idol. It is so popular that Star World shows it live (at 3am in the Pacific Rim) and again that night. Both YES (which does not carry Star World anymore) and HOT, which does, show it on Saturday night. To be quite honest, the other networks could show dead air during that time, they get so few viewers and no one would notice.

While Jay Leno is always commenting on how few people watch NBC these days (his is one of the most popular programs), all the other networks compete with them for the bottom when American Idol is on. That's when the new Jericho was shown. While I am sure many more people watched Jericho via recordings, it does not count for viewership.

In the final episode of the season, the famous reply "nuts" from the "Battle of the Bulge" in World War II is featured. Unfortunately for the program a major character dies in that episode. Although they had promised a new season of Jericho after the numbers came in, they canceled it. IMHO the only thing they could have done after that episode, which to me really was bad (sucks is too kind), was to put it out of our misery.

Fans in the U.S. were far more taken with it and started a letter and email campaign to keep Jericho. The also sent nuts to CBS. Twenty tons of them. With such a loud and vociferous following, CBS announced that they would show the current season again during the summer on a different night. The night does not matter that much, American Idol is off for the season. They also promised a "mini season" next year and a full one if the viewership improves.

The letter from CBS to the fans ended with "P.S. Please stop sending us nuts".

In the life imitates art department, in one episode the Chinese parachute containers of food into Jericho. They also send blankets, a generator and fuel. Another town says their shipment came from Germany. Friday's Jerusalem Post had a story on the front page that the IDF (Israeli Air Force) is considering parachuting food into Gaza. If they do and the civil war spreads to the "West Bank", there may really be food parachuted into Jericho.

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