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What does a kebbe maker do?

Or search engine frustration. We bought a new mixer. I was hoping to get a replacement Sunbeam Mixmaster of which I was fond of in my youth but we could not find one. Some people when they get "old" yearn for Corvettes or blonds or hair, I yearn for the more simple implements of my childhood, Exacta cameras that actually work, a Sunbeam Mixmaster, really good Chinese food I did not have to cook, a Sci-Fi book by Heinlein that I can't remember.

Some are just a dream, the Exactas took many a good photograph, but long since have ceased being repairable (and are gone anyway), and until my memory fades more, a good Heinlein book I can't remember has to wait. Seems like the Mixmaster is another thing. Before we moved here I had a brief flirtation with a Kitchen Aide, but I was never
really satisfied with it. It did not have that "I don't know what", (it sounds so much better in French).

We sold it cheaply when we moved here as I was lied to and told it would not work at all here on a transformer. Well, they work fine, but it was too late.

We just bought a Kenwood KM-502 mixer. Or so we thought. My wife picked it up at the store after she looked at them and I searched the web for information. They were difficult to find, it's an Israel only model and every Israeli web site assumes that you will go to the store, look the various models over, and then search the web for the best price.

Having been there and done that, I have long since realized that Israeli web sites are like New York camera dealers of which you can count the honest ones on the fingers of one hand. You never get exactly what you expect, the price is higher, the shipping is ridiculous and delivery takes for ever. As a side note I buy computer accessories and hardware from a site called Datech in Rananna. ( Run by Russians, they always sell you what the web page shows and deliver it for a set fee, told in advance, the next day.

My wife buys the unit and they tell here it will take a few minutes to get from the stock room. She decides not to wait and goes of to do some shopping while they hold it for her. When she comes back, she is pointed to a small box. It is almost the size of the unit but not exactly. She asks if that is it and they say no, that's an accessory that was included with the mixer. The mixer is in the box underneath.

Not only did we get a mixer that seems to be the equal of any home mixer Kitchen Aide sells, it's exterior is all metal and it came with a food processor with a chopping blade and three disks, a 1.2 liter blender and a meat grinder. That's where the real frustration comes in. The meat grinder includes disks for making grinds of various coarseness, and a sausage maker which I can figure out how to use, and a kebbe maker.

I give up. WHAT IS A KEBBE AND HOW DO I MAKE IT? Searching the web using Dogpile pointed me to web sites that describe kebbe as a Lebanese dish made from ground lamb, pine nuts and cracked wheat. Sounds good to me, but how do you use a kebbe maker to make it? Or is it something different? The pictures show a large tube, like a huge sausage maker. Searches for kebbe maker pointed me to meat grinders that included them. No one has a site or a reference to what a kebbe maker does or how to use it. Now this one will be added to the noise.

Oh well, and I thought you could find anything on the web.

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